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Looking for great book website linkz? Well here are some I know is worth your time!

1.) is the place to be for the best internet book shopping, reviewing, and checkin' out books!

2.) is another great site with reviewing, purchasing, and customer forums.

3.) is compared to Amazon and Barnes and Noble...

4.) is another Barnes/Noble type of website, visit it and see for yourself, although the selection of books isn't as great.

5.) is a GREAT website...I highly recomend of my favorites!

Author's Linkz

1.) Judy Blume's Website :

2.) Francesca Lia Block's Profile :

3.) Meg Cabot's official Website : of the Princess Diaries Series )

4.) Nicholas Sparks official website :

5.) Gail Carson's Bio :

6.) Sharon Creech's Official Website :

More to come soon!!