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Dangerous Angels, by Francesca Lia Block - This book consists of five stories. Weetzie bat, Witch baby, Missing Angel Juan, Cherokee Bat and the goat guys, and Baby be bop. I HIGHLY recommend this book, not only b/c you'll be enjoying it for a while, but it lets you escape the real world, and enter Francesca's. I loved this book, and ever since I read it, it's been my ALL time favorite!

Echo, by Francesca Lia Block - This is another all time fav. I particually enjoy this one b/c Echo herself, is a very likeable character. And the way Block write's this book, in a format of changing perspective, really adds to it. In this story, 15-year-old Echo, meets many people in Southern California that help her discover herself. I definetly reccomend this book, as ALL of Block's other books. She has a magic that pulls me in her books..

I was a Teenage Fairy, by Francesca Lia Block - This is a real cool read. I myself, really enjoyed it. It's about a 12-year old girl, whose mom makes her model way too much, she meets a pinky sized fairy named Mab who helps her until she's 17.I highly reccomend this one, and all of Block's other books.

The Hanged Man, by Francesca Lia Block - This is one of Block's "Lesser Works," it's a pretty dark book. Basically what happens when the mains character's father dies. It somewhat relates to Block's book "Echo." The main character meets new people, and she basically stops eating. A real page turner. You might just enjoy it more than me!

The Rose and the Beast, by Francesca Lia Block - This is a different writing style of Block's. Here she gives you 9 short shorties, but, they aren't just any stories. They are "Fairy-Tales Retold" The stories in this book are: Little Red Riding Hood ("Wolf"), Beauty and the Beast ("Beast"), Thumbelina ("Tiny"), Bluebeard ("Bones"), Sleeping Beauty ("Charm"), Snow White ("Snow"), Snow Queen ("Ice"), and Cinderella ("Glass"). I definetly reccomend this book. It was not only a bestseller, but it's also more modernized. I loved this book.

Violet & Claire, by Francesca Lia Block - I particulary didnt enjoy this. I find it very un-interesting, but some of this book is "ok." Mainly, stay away from this. Unless, you are like her biggest fan, and want to read all her books.

Girl Goddess # 9, by Francesca Lia Block - Ok, this is the last FLB book I have read. I really enjoyed this one. Anyone girl or teen SHOULD read this book. 9 short stories and girls growing up, learning about true love, pain, and happiness. This book is so well written. Almost made me cry in some stories.

The Princess Diaries, by Meg Cabot - This hillarious intro into the life of Mia Thermopolis is basically a teenager finding out she's the heir thrown of Genovia, her mother hookin up with her algebra teacher, getting "princess lessons" from her grandmother, getting in a fight with her best friend, developing a crush of her best friends brother, and getting a complete makeover. This is exactly a diary format, and is detailed to the extent that you feel as if Mia is real, and she seriously did write all of this.The movie doesnt even come close to this read.

Princess in the Spotlight, by Meg Cabot - The hilariou sequel to The Princess Diaries, although it lacks some story-line build up it had in volume 1, and I found it to be alittle too short, but other than that, a great read, still in Meg's great diary format..Oh, and Mia's mom gets pregnant...!

Princess in Love, by Meg Cabot - The conclusion of Mia's life. I would say the best of all three. It concludes Mia's love for Michael, Mia's mom giving birth, and developing "self accuzation." Overall, the series is a must read for ALL pre-teens, and teens!

Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, by Louise Rennison - This somewhat relates to the Princess Diaries series, but no girl finding out she's a princess. It's basically a diary of an average teen, going through what all teens go through. I must say it's even funnier that Princess Diaries! Read it and see for yourself!

On the Bright Side, I'm now the Girlfriend of a Sex God, by Louise Rennison - The second book in the three-book series. This one is funnier than the first, and she finally gets with "The Sex God" from the first book. I couldn't put it down, nor the other two. I wish she keeps making more and more to the series!

Knocked out by my Nunga-Nungas, by Louise Rennison - Sadly, this series ends. I really didn't enjoy this one as the last two, but still a good ending to a great series. I highly recomend ALL THREE BOOKS.Just read them, and see for yourself! (Isn't it funny how all three covers are shots of her skirt and knickers?)

Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine - Ella Enchanted has got to be my all time favorite book in the world. It's more of a "light read," and although it is a book for younger readers, I still greatly enjoyed this, and many other Levine's books. If you are to read only one book off this list, make it this one!

The Wish, by Gail Carson Levine - This is a fun quick read, Gail isn't known for writing reality books and this is somewhat a reality story. Wilma, an 8th grader, meets a mysterious lady on a bus, who grants her one wish. What will it be and how will her life change afterward? Read to find out.

The Two Princesses of Bamarre, by Gail Carson Levine - If you like dragons and beasts, a girls slaying dragons and beasts, well this ones for you! One sisters love for the other, sets out on a mission: To find the cure for the gray death, before her sister dies from it. Personally, this is one of my favorites.

Truth or Dairy, by Catherine Clark - Meet Courtney, an average teen, until, her boyfriend breaks up with her. She becomes a vegatarian, starts working at the local "Truth or Dairy" juice shop, and vows not to have a boyfriend for one year. Although, everything isn't as easy as she plans it to be....

Worst Case Scenario, by Catherine Clark - The sequel to Truth or Dairy. Courtney has to face a major challange: going to college. Courtney meets new people, and has different experiences. Although, I didn't find this book as "well written" as Truth or Dairy, it's still pretty good, and I recomend it to any teen as well.

Witch Child, by Celia Rees - This is a real page turner, not only because it seems real, but also, because it's in diary format. The main character must escape England before they burn her, like they did to her grandmother. But how long will it be until the Puritans find out what she truly is?

Dave at Night, by Gail Carson Levine - I loved this book. When Dave's father dies, Dave's step-mom gives away her two kids. The decent one goes with his uncle, while Dave goes to an orphange, but, Dave has night adventures. I found this to be a great book, really exciting.

Perks of being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky - This book is really isn't what I thought it was before I read it. It isn't really that great, but, with one exception. This book makes it feel as if "Charlie" is addressing you, because he writes "Dear Friend." Although, it does sometimes get annoying! See for yourself.

Mummy, by Caroline B. Cooney - Get ready, cause I'm reviewing alot of Cooney bookz! This one isn't really my favorite of hers, but it is a worthy read. It's about how the main character has never broken a rule, and when her class mates decide to steal a mummy from the museum, she goes along with it, or does she? Read it for yourself and see...

Hush Little Baby, by Caroline B. Cooney - This is another great one of hers. She recently wrote this one. To sum it up in one sentence:The main character recieves a mysterious baby, and has to take care of it. Not saying it's bad, but it wasn't really that great either, in my opinion.If you are a horror, thriller fan, than this is for you.

The Stranger, by Caroline B. Cooney - Dont read this one. Unless, you wanna set the goal of reading all her books...other than that, it wasn't that good. The main character, Nicoletta, falls in love with a boy named Jethro, or is he a boy? It's ovious from the beggining of the book that you know Jethro is the beast. Oops, did I spoil it?

Goddess of the Night (Daughters of the Moon 1), by Lynne Ewing - Read this and other books in this series (7 books) if you have the free time. I myself read only up to 4, but if you are really hooked you might just read all 7. Number 8 is coming Septmeber 02. When will they stop!

Chasing Redbird, by Sharon Creech - For me, this is my favorite book by Sharon Creech. Although some parts are a little slow, the others make up for it all. I loved this book. Basically, the main character has to deal with two problems. This boy who likes her keeps giving her stolen gifts, and finishing the trail she found, behind the farm. I truly recomend this book. A great page turner.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, by Ann Brashares - This is a really good book about friendship, and four girls having to spend the summer away from each other. Though, a pair of magic pants keeps them close by heart. There will be two more books in this series. I highly recomend this book. Although, it lacks some "exitement" it still is very good, and I dont know why some people dont enjoy it...

Go Ask Alice, by Anonymous, edited by Beatrice Sparks - The haunting thing about this book is that someone actually wrote it. It's a real diary....I myself must say, that this book is a must read for all pre-teens and teens. Alice gets so caught up in drugs that her life drastically goes down-hill. This book almost made me cry!

The Wanderer, by Sharon Creech - This book is extremely interesting. If you like reading adventure books, than this book is perfect for you. The main character is the only girl going on the Wanderer,a ship sailing across the Atlanic, to her grandpa. Along with her on the ship is her dad, uncles, and cousins...all boys. She and her cousin Cody write in their diaries, and have great adventures.

Wanted!, by Caroline B. Cooney - This book has such an interesting story-line, not only suspenceful, but captivating. The main character gets a phone call from her dad telling her to meet him somewhere. When she arrives there, he's not there, and on the news they say her fathers dead! Everyone thinks it's her, how will she prove them wrong?

Someone Like You, by Sarah Dessen - If you like books about friendship, than this is for you. I am not really into that type of reading, but I posted it up cause I know alot of people who do. Basically, the two main characters are best friends, and when one gets pregnant, the other one must stick by her best friend. Very beautiful story, and I think many can learn a lesson from it..

GingerBread, by Rachael Cohn - This is a really cool book. I really enjoyed it. It's a relaxing read. Cyd Charisse, the main character, hasn't seen her father for years, and the last time they saw each other, he gave her a rag "gingerbread doll." Her boyfriend Shrimp, and his brother invite her to work in their juice bar by the ocean. Soon, she has to go visit her dad, and his family. Really excited....somehow it reminds me of Princess Diaries, I dunno why.

Treacherous Love, by Anonymous, edited by Beatrice Sparks - This is the same editer of Go ask Alice, this is another haunting one, thinking that someone a long time a go ACTUALLY wrote this. It's kind of sickening, the writer has an affair with her.....ew, ....her teacher...Anyways, if you can handle it, I highly recomend this, and other real diaries edited by Beatrice Sparks...they are very interesting, and you can never get bored, due to the fact someone truly didn't entend for it to be a book one day. They just honestly wrote there feelings.

Anna of Byzantium, by Tracy Barrett - This book is awesome. I was recomended this book by a friend, and I didn't want to read it. But when I began reading I realised I couldn't put it down no matter what. So I read it cover to cover in one time. Boy, did I thank my friend!

Girls in Love: Girl's Trilogy Book 1, by Jaqueline Williamson - This is a hillarious intro book. I loved this book, they have to deal with boys, clothing, dieting, and getting boyfriends.

Girls Under Pressure: Girls Trilogy Book 2, by Jaqueline Williamson - The sequel to the 1st. This time, their main focus isn't guys, it's dieting and peer-pressure. Really good...I hope the author continues to write this series!

All American Girl, by Meg Cabot - The author of the Princess Diaries Series wrote this book, it's not yet published, but I have my ways of getting it...when it gets to stores and libraries in Sep. 02, I highly reccomend you get this book. So well written, and detailed....

Keeping the Moon, by Sarah Dessen - Author of Someone Like You. Really good. In my opinion, I liked this book better. Her writing keeps getting better and better, I'm looking forward to reading more from her. Basically, this book is about a girl going to a new town, and having to stay there the whole summer. Very good..

DreamLand, by Sarah Dessen - This has got to be on my top ten list...Dreamland is a touching heart-warming story, revolving around abuse, and a girl to afraid to face the person who is abusing her, which here, is her boyfriend.

Blood and Chocolate, by Annette Curtis Klause - One of my favorites by her. This book combines romance, science fiction, and modern day problems, a real page turner. Loved it!!

The Silver Kiss, by Annette Curtis Klause - Second favorite book by this author, another romantic piece where the two that are atractted, are completely different spieces, very beuatiful and hauting. I am looking forward to more by this author!